Machine Learning

Duration 96 Hrs

Livewire Guwahati is a Machine Learning training institute in Guwahati.

Machine Learning is the concept behind facial recognition, self-driven cars, virtual personal assistants like Siri, ALEXA and Google. It focuses on the development of computer programs so that systems can automatically learn and improve from experiences without being explicitly programmed. It is revolutionizing the computing ecosystem.

The whole corpus of Machine learning course requires algorithms and a good understanding of mathematical concepts. This training will cover the main study areas of Machine Learning, the basic statistics, probability and core Machine Learning Algorithm.

A myriad of computing devices around the world collects and store an overwhelming amount of information in the format of image, video and text-based. So, the raw material for learning is clearly abundant, and it’s available in a format that a computer can deal with. Livewire Guwahati’s Machine Learning course deals with the study of techniques and methods, building algorithms, data mining concepts and advanced regression analysis.

Job Opportunities

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Lead Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst-Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Expert
  • Software Engineer-Machine Learning
  • Data Scientist- Machine Learning/NLP
  • Data Engineer- Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing Engineer-Machine Learning
  • Data Scientist-Advanced Analytics
  • Research Scientist/Applied Research Scientist

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